The Arts



At Papatoetoe West School we acknowledge The Arts through exploring, challenging, affirming and celebrating unique artistic expressions of self, community and culture. Learning in, through and about the arts stimulates creative action and response by engaging and connecting thinking, imagination, senses and feelings. 

The teaching of arts will encourage a lifelong interest in the four disciplines: music, dance, drama, and the visual arts. The arts are powerful forms of expression that recognise, value and contribute to the unique bicultural and multicultural character of our community and Aotearoa. The arts have their own distinct languages that use both verbal and non-verbal conventions, mediated by selected processes and technologies. Through movement, sound, and image, the arts transform people's creative ideas into expressive works that communicate layered meanings (New Zealand Curriculum; pg 20).

The Arts enable our students to become critically aware of and respond to their own and others’ art works and encourage students to explore independence and understanding beyond the obvious. We will provide our students opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and understandings outlined in the achievement objectives of each discipline and areas of the arts and through all curriculum areas.

Papatoetoe West students learning in, through and about The Arts will: 

  • create, recreate and appreciate
  • develop the four disciplines of the Arts using the core elements that relate to these link
  • learn to work both independently and collaboratively to construct meanings, produce works, and respond to and value others’ contributions
  • develop skills and techniques using a range of media to give a visual form to the expression of ideas and feelings and to develop an understanding about the way in which cultural and artistic influences shape their environment
  • learn to use imagination to engage with unexpected outcomes and to explore multiple solutions
  • through the use of creative and intuitive thought and action, learners in the arts are able to view their world from new perspectives
  • through the development of arts literacies, students, as creators, presenters, viewers, and listeners, are able to participate in, interpret, value, and enjoy the arts throughout their lives
  • explore, refine and communicate ideas as they connect thinking, imagination, senses, and feelings to create works and to respond to the works of others
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of a range of art concepts at an appropriate level
  • be able to describe, analyse and interpret art work at an appropriate level for their age
  • be encouraged to use their imagination and creativity when developing art skills
  • have a specialist teacher providing team singing each Friday for various year levels throughout the school
  • have a specialist teacher run choir and cultural groups each Friday for various year levels throughout the school.
  • be given the opportunity in year 5/6 to learn an instrument and play in the school band provided by the Tironui Trust
  • provide opportunities for Kapa Haka and various cultural groups
  • have opportunities to perform/display such as choir, production, assemblies and Papatoetoe Cluster Bi-Annual Art Exhibition
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