Papatoetoe West School Maths programme is an integral part of our daily learning.

We at Papatoetoe West School believe that mathematics is like a journey - exciting, interesting, stimulating and full of new discoveries. To foster these attitudes in school we present mathematics by immersing children in real life mathematical problems and inquiry based learning.  

We aim to develop basic skills, knowledge and understanding of mathematics through an integrated curriculum. Our goal is for all children to feel confident and able in the subject, enabling them to make links with other curriculum areas and their everyday lives.

The aims of Papatoetoe West School are to:  

  • develop the Mathematical skills essential for life in the twenty first century
  • present maths as a challenging, exciting, creative and relevant subject and in doing so, promoting a positive and confident attitude  
  • ensure students are developing knowledge and strategies through using materials appropriate to the learning, imaging and number properties
  • ensure students have the opportunity to share their learning through Number Talks and Talk Moves
  • develop the ability to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning in a range of contexts to provide opportunities to apply mathematical learning to a range of real-life culturally responsive contexts
  • ensure that all teaching lessons begin with the problem not the learning
  • ensure modelling is recorded in ways that students can access with ease
  • ensure groups are of mixed ability, flexible and collaborative to create the most valuable learning opportunities possible
  • ensure that all children achieve a high standard in mathematics to promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion  
  • ensure that students are given the opportunity to further develop student agency as they are moving through the school
  • promote confidence and competence with numbers and the number system  
  • develop an understanding of mathematics across all curriculum areas
  • evaluate progress and be self-critical  
  • apply what has been learned in unfamiliar situations  
  • promote working independently or cooperatively as appropriate  
  • promote use of group norms to enable students to be successful in their roles within teams or groups
  • realise that mathematical problems do not always have an answer, or even a best answer, and that the reasoning and mathematical work put behind the problem is the real skill.
  • share and celebrate the students’ learning with whānau and the school community
  • ensure students have access to and are taught using appropriate materials/equipment
  • put into practice tier 2 Intervention programmes including in-class (ALiM - 10 weeks) and withdrawal (MST - 20 weeks)
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