The West Way

Respect for Self

Respect for Others

Respect for the Environment

At Papatoetoe West School we value our people and our environment.

Our West Way Values Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Respect for the Environment, have been developed through community consultation and represent who we are.

We hold our values dearly and these are at the forefront of everything we learn and do at our school.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) initiatives help parents, whānau, teachers, schools and kura address behaviour, improve children's well-being, and increase educational achievement.

By strengthening relationships and creating more positive home and school environments, we remove barriers to engagement and improve students' chances to achieve at school and beyond.

We use The West Way values as a framework to guide us towards positive behaviour and outcomes in our school community.

Papatoetoe West SchoolWide PB4L Matrix

Our School Wide Matrix supports teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom.

When you visit our school, you will find yourself immersed in a culture of caring, sharing and respect. Where we celebrate our uniqueness as well as our togetherness.

You will witness a school that bridges age level, that promotes inclusiveness and recognises determination.