Accelerating Learning

What is Acceleration in learning?

Acceleration is a different approach to supporting students with their learning. Rather than focusing on "plugging the gaps" in their knowledge, we are doing everything we can to help accelerate their learning, so that they can find success.

How do we accelerate learning in Maths?

We move away from thinking about what our learners can't do, and we use what they already can. We use their existing knowledge to allow them to learn and understand the Maths that they encounter in the world around them. As their understanding grows, they make new connections and we introduce new ideas. Our students develop a sense of worth, as they learn that everyone can contribute ideas, and that listening and talk are very productive for learning.

What's the problem?

We begin with the Problem.

We want to promote engagement in Mathematics and make it 'real' for our learners. We build on what they know about the world around them and explore how maths applies to it.

Ina has collected 12 countdown dominoes. Her family gave her some more and now she has 35.

How many dominoes did her family give her?

Kane is watering the garden at school. He fills and empties the watering can three times. The can holds 1.5 Litres of water.

How much water did he use?

Richelle borrows and reads 3 books every week from the library. ​

How many books will she have borrowed from the Library after 10 weeks?