Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures

We are blessed at Papatoetoe West school to have a vibrant and diverse community of cultures. Our learning model believes in using our strengths and the unique personal perspectives of each us to help to inform, educate and grow ourselves together. Our school vision statement "Together we strive for growth through learning" epitomises our core values of learning together from everyone, for everyone.

Cultural days

Each year we look forward to the different language weeks. These are quite the event for us and we all take part in learning about, and celebrating our diverse cultures. Our school cultural team work hard to develop learning experiences and join together with our students and local school community to present activities, performances, stories and traditional customs. The best part about this all is that our students take the lead and really take pride in representing their culture.

Cultural speech competitions

Papatoetoe West School sends representatives each year to the various cultural language speech competitions. These are a highlight for our students and gives them an opportunity to present on a personally chosen topic in their home language. There is always a big turnout from our school families as well.


Our Fono are where we share our progress with our Pasifika school community and work together to look for ways to develop stronger outcomes for our Pasifika students. While these have not taken place during our 2020 year as a result of our COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to return to these in 2022.

Community Sharing Day

Our annual event. Our Community Sharing Day is a collaboration between our school and many of our local community partners to share, celebrate and learn about our vibrant community. Each of our classes use this opportunity to showcase their learning, with art, performances, information stands and games all developed by our students. It is an exciting day of interactive stalls and a great time for families to enjoy some excellent company and great weather.