Māori Perspectives

Kapa Haka

Led by Whaea Debbie and Mrs Riggs, we are immensely proud of our Kapa Haka roopu. Whaea Debbie and Mrs Riggs leads our Kapa Haka every week and focuses on creating an inclusive programme that fosters a love for our Māori culture and te reo Maori. Our Kapa Haka roopu performs at our school events and is often invited to perform at our local schools and preschools as well.

Te Rito

Beginning with our Maori Focus class initiative pioneered by Mrs Langdon and Ms Evans in 2018, we were very pleased with the support and engagement from our whānau and have developed Te Rito. Te Rito is our Maori focus class which aims to blend more of our Maori culture throughout our tamarikis' learning. Whaea Apryl strives to deliver an inclusive curriculum that celebrates Maori and promotes awareness of our identity.

Te Ao Maori

Papatoetoe West School loves to celebrate and promote our Maori heritage. We highly value our country's bicultural heritage and continue to work to reflect this throughout all aspects of our school. We welcome more ideas and perspectives and appreciate the tremendous support we receive from our community.

Whānau hui

We invite our school whānau to come and join with us for the purpose of improving our outcomes for our MāCori students as well as supporting all students to learn about our Māori culture.

While these have not taken place during our 2020/2021 year as a result of our COVID-19 pandemic, we do hope to be able to return to these in 2022.


Our school loves music, performance and every aspect of the arts. We take special pride in performing and enjoy sharing our music with others. We are extremely lucky to have the AMAZING talents of Mrs Latham, who not only teach our students to be beautiful singers, but work hard to support our staff as well.