Learning for Sustainability

Sustainability is promoted strongly in our school. Here are some of the initiatives we have introduced to be more sustainable and caring to our environment.

Waste-free Wednesdays

Where we aim to have ZERO waste in our school from our lunchboxes. This started with Wednesdays and has grown considerably.

"I just do it everyday" - Acacia, Year 6

"It's good for our environment and makes our school nicer to play and learn in"

- Tristan, Year 5

G.O.O.S.e Paper

We audited our class recycling bins and found an awful lot of paper was discarded with hardly any markings or damage to it! We also found this in our office spaces as well. Our recycling bins were overflowing.

And then we found a simple idea. G.O.O.S.e paper trays.

All classes use G.O.O.S.e (Good On One Side) paper and recycle paper when they have finished with it. Paper recycling is monitored and each year we earn free trees to plant for our recycling efforts.

Back to the Earth

Students put their fruit waste into the fruit bins that are put into the compost bins to create healthy compost that help our gardens to grow.

Changing our habits

Our teachers have been thinking about the ways that they can contribute as well. One of the biggest uses of paper at our school was photocopying and printing.

All of our teachers have committed to be more thoughtful and economical with their usage. They have learned clever ways to be resourceful too!

"I just realised that I don't need to print out everything, and my workspace is so much happier!"

teacher, Year 4

All of these are simple to put into action and have a HUGE benefit to our school environment.

We hope that our ideas will be picked up and followed in our wider community.

We are always looking at things and seeing new possibilities for their use.

West doesn't Waste.