Rules and Expectations

Our school rules are aimed at making children responsible for their own actions. They need to be made aware that their actions affect other people

Our rules are written in positive terms emphasising what children should do, rather than what they should not do

I will share, co-operate and display courtesy to others

I move about the school sensibly in class time

I work and play in sensible and safe places

I know what I can bring to school

I look after my property and treat the property of others with care

I behave safely and sensibly on wet days

I use my bicycle safely and sensibly

I will travel to and from school sensibly and safely, children need to travel directly to and from school

I will dress sensibly. No nail vanish, dyed hair, transferable tattoos, jewellery etc (studs and sleepers only)

I will leave my toys and games at home

I will only bring money to school for lunch or when requested by the school

No gum or sweets

Clothes will be worn correctly