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Monday, 21 April 2014

Uniforms / Houses


Uniforms are compulsory at Papatoetoe West School.  Children must be wearing our uniform before they will be admitted to a classroom.  Uniforms are available from Postie  Plus, Supa Centa, Manukau.  School colours are Burgundy and Sky Blue.


Terms 1 and 4 – hats are compulsory during these two terms


Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 will be allocated a house for sporting activities and competitions.

Each child will need to purchase the allocated house T shirt for every day classroom PE time and inter-house competitions and events. 

These T shirts are compulsory and are part of their stationery items.  These

T shirts can only be purchased from the school.

Hours / Attendance


First Bell  

8.30 am

School commences  

8.55 am

Class Time     

8.55 - 10.50 am

Seated lunch eating time

10.50 - 11.10 am


11.10 - 11.30 am

Class Time

11.30 - 1.05 pm

Seated afternoon tea time    

1.05 - 1.15 pm


1.15 - 1.45 pm

Class Time

1.45 - 2.55pm

School finishes


It is requested that children do not arrive at school before 8.30am as this is the time that patrols are on duty and playground supervision commences.

** Wet Lunch days: The school does Not have a shortened lunch if the day is wet and the children are unable to play outside.

            a)         It is undesirable for children to be in school grounds before the
                        commencement of playground supervision (8.30am).
            b)         Children should not loiter in the school grounds after 3.15pm
                        when playground supervision and traffic supervision concludes. 
                        Children need to go home when dismissed from school as soon
                        as practical with another person or group if possible.

Children who arrive before 8.30am are expected to sit in allocated areas or in the breezeway.  In wet weather senior children are seated in the breezeway and junior children under cover outside rooms 28 and 29.


It is important for your child's continued progress that they attend school regularly.

The Education Act 1989 required the Board of Trustees to account for pupils' attendance.  All absences need to be explained.  A signed and dated note brought to school by the child on the day they return to school is requested.

If your child is going to be absent for a prolonged period, we would appreciate a phoned message to the office so that the child's teacher can be informed.

There is a cumulative record kept of children's absences from school.  Concerning patterns of attendance are referred to our Deputy Principal for investigation or sometimes a letter is sent to parents about attendance.
Frequent absences will be referred to the local Truancy Officer for investigation.             
School Rules

Our school rules are aimed at making children responsible for their own actions.  They need to be made aware that their actions affect other people.

Our rules are written in positive terms emphasising what children should do, rather than what they should not do.

  1. I will share, co-operate and display courtesy to others.
  2. I move about the school sensibly in class time.
  3. I work and play in sensible and safe places.
  4. I know what I can bring to school.
  5. I look after my property and treat the property of others with care.
  6. I behave safely and sensibly on wet days.
  7. I use my bicycle safely and sensibly.
  8. I will travel to and from school sensibly and safely....
    Children need to travel directly to and from school.
  9. I will dress sensibly.  No nail vanish, dyed hair, transferable tatoos, jewellery etc (studs and sleepers only).
  10. I will leave my toys and games at home.
  11. I will only bring money to school for lunch or when requested by the school.
  12. No gum or sweets.
  13. Clothes will be worn correctly.

Use of Cumulative Records

Teachers keep individual cumulative records on each child and monitors his/her progress and needs in meeting the curriculum objectives. This data is used to plan teaching programmes and to report to parents. Records are confidential to teachers and to parents and to those people working with the children in the school.

We administer a national scheme for the monitoring and recording of children's learning and development and these records are transferred to the child's new school when they leave.

These are part of our school's evaluation system.  The information is also used in reporting to parents.

Parents may make an appointment at any time with their class teacher to discuss their children's progress.  We report to parents by interview in the first term and by written report in Term two and in Term three.

Computer Integration at West

ICT Expectations

  • All students will have at least three 20 minute periods per week using the computer as a tool in their learning
  • Each class will operate a computer roster system and enable monitors to assist with guidance for the less skilful
  • A cascade learning system is set in place to enable students to share skills – use buddy class help
  • A Taskboard is set up with activities directly related to group work and regularly updated – this is part of weekly planning
  • Tasks will involve activities that might normally be completed in exercise  books – suited to their group level
  • At NO stage are students required/allowed to transcribe written work from books
  • Student friendly programmes are used by children such as Textease &Kid pix rather than Word depending on skill level
  • There is an ongoing system of assessment to complete Student manager records accurately
  • Students will develop increasing confidence in using computer skills
  • Students’ Keyboard and text formatting skills will strengthen
  • Locating information using search engines becomes a natural part of children’s learning
  • Library computers will be used to locate and record information to support classroom topic/reading /general knowledge
  • That students are developing skill in taking /loading and using digital still and video images
  • Web design and publishing progressively become well developed student skills
  • Classes regularly update Room web pages


Sports / Fitness


We have a regular interschool sports in the senior area of the school. Sports include softball, kiwi cricket, swimming, netball, athletics, rugby, rugby league, cross-country and gymnastics. Parents are always welcome to attend these events.

We pride ourselves in the dress standards for our sports teams.  Our teams always look the part and thus start in a positive frame of mind.  Our colours are blue and maroon.  We provide some sports uniforms but we encourage children to purchase a school uniform if they are involved in sports or cultural activities.

Lunchtime coaching assists our children in performing with pride and enthusiasm.  Parent coaches are willingly accepted.

Compulsory lunchtime sport for two lunch times per week for all Year 5 and 6 pupils help skills development and positive sportsmanship.

For fitness and sports we like all children to be dressed appropriately.


There is a regular and extensive fitness programme throughout the school. Children are required to participate and will only be excused by a written note. Parents are asked to encourage their children in their involvement as fitness training is part of the national curriculum.


There is a swimming timetable for February/March and November/December. All classes swim at least three times a week.  It is essential that all children participate in these lessons, especially those who are not competent swimmers.

Bicycles / Money / Lost Property


We have a limited space for bikes. We encourage children to walk to school. We believe that Year 5 and 6 children are more able to ride safely to school on busy roads. They are expected to use safety helmets. Bikes need to be secured by chain to the bike stand while at school.


If your child is bringing money to school to buy his/her lunch or for any other purpose, e.g. class trips, school concert etc., it is best brought in a sealed envelope with the amount, child's name and purpose for money written on the outside.  It helps considerably if the correct change is enclosed.


A large number of pupils items are lost each year. It is desirable that clothing be named so lost property can be given to its owner.  Property found is placed in the lost property box.  Articles unclaimed at the end of term are recycled in our clothing bin or given to charities.

Office / Lunchroom / Dental Clinic


The school office is open at 8.30am in the morning and closes at 3.00pm. All enquires and contact with teachers when school is in, need to go through the office.

            Telephone number:-              278-6274 / 278-5956
            Fax Number:-                       277-9066

School telephones are not available for the children's use except in an emergency. The school office covers:- Sale of stationery, exercise books, enrolments, school records, school fees, correspondence etc.


Lunches are ordered before school from the lunchroom and are delivered to the classrooms.  Your child’s name must be written on the outside of an envelope with their room number and their lunch order, with the money sealed inside the envelope. An up to date price list is included in this pack.

Children have lunch under the supervision of their teachers.  Seated lunch time is between 10.50 and 11.05 am.   Children need a substantial, nutritional lunch and if you include a drink (not fizzy) with their lunch, please ensure that it is not in a glass bottle.


Sometimes, the Dental Therapist is placed at another clinic. If the clinic is closed or there is no answer to the phone (278-0947), contact the school office for advice.

Patrols / Library /PTA


Times the patrols work:            8.20 - 8.45am
                                              2.50 - 3.15pm

2 main patrolled areas:              Station Road
                                              Hillcrest Road

Basic points: 1) Children are only Year 6 - some variance on judging distance.
                   2) Children are trained by the Ministry of Transport.
                   3) People cross on the "CROSS NOW" command.

Staff supervise the patrols. The staff appreciate parent help and if you are able to help, please let us know.  School phone: 278-6274.


The library is available for the children to use, in class sessions with teachers, learning varying and interesting library skills and for the children to use individually for recreational reading and individual studies. The use of resource based learning which is being currently developed and fostered in our school.

We mainly purchase our books from a Library Grant issued to us by the BOT budget. With this we get new books, replace old stock and losses and continue with the gradual maintenance and upgrading of all our Library stocks. A teacher with Library responsibilities, and a teacher aide process new books and adds the new books to the collection and the catalogue. The T.L.R. ably assisted by a group of 36 child librarians, chosen from Year 5/6 classes who assist other children with borrowing and returning of books, carding, shelving and keeping the library neat and tidy. They work on a rotation system.  They also help by reading to younger children, putting on taped and videoed stories to supplement the library activities we do.

 If you are able to assist in any way, e.g. helping your child's class with library work or with repairs and maintenance of books, we would very much appreciate hearing from you and adding you to the roster to assist us. School Phone: 278-6274.


The aim of the PTA is to bring into closer relationship the parents and teachers of our school. The reasons we have a PTA in our school are:-

  • To bring about fuller co-operation between the home, the school and the community.
  • To provide means whereby parents, residents and the community can be kept informed of aims and activities of  the school.
  • To foster the growth of parent/teacher relationships within the school to ensure better understanding of mutual problems in the education of children.

Throughout the year there are various fundraising projects which rely on parent support. A notice is sent home prior to these and your participation would be much appreciated.

We look forward to getting to know you and hope that you will enjoy sharing your child's time with us at Papatoetoe West School.

The PTA has a Committee that meets regularly and you are welcome to join and support the school through this group.  Contact for this Committee can be made through the school office - Phone 278-6274.

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